Our “employees” are the most important resource for our companies to reach their basic goals. Our human resources strategies aim to possess human resource whose values are compatible with our corporate values and who will provide advantages in the competition by creating a difference in the sectors we are involved in.

Our human resources systems and processes are based on “competence” and is looking towards having employees who;

• take more responsibility,

• are confident,

• are highly motivated,

• produce creative and innovative ideas and solutions,

• are customer focused,

• develop themselves, their work and their colleagues through constant learning,

• adds value,

• enjoy their work and are proud of the company,

and aims to create a working environment that responds to changing conditions and requirements with the motto of continuous development.

Competencies are the primary criteria affecting the evaluation as an important element of the selection process. For vacant or newly opened positions, it is essential to evaluate appropriate in-house candidates or the group and to refer to external sources if no results are obtained.

Performance evaluation is used as the main tool for the management of important issues such as achieving unity in terms of goals, measuring employee contribution, increasing contribution to business results, planning individual development, career planning and rewarding.

We invite candidates, who are confident in themselves and their competencies and who are confident, equipped, determined and sees their future in our future, to apply for contributing to the growth aims in national and international markets within both the existing and the new business groups that our Group takes part in.

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