About Us

Saruhan Holding’s foundations were laid in 1947 with the store that Hakkı Saruhan opened in Rize. In 1970, it turned into a more comprehensive structure thanks to the initiatives of the second generation Saruhan family in various fields in Istanbul by developing a newer vision.

The trade which started with low and high tension electricity materials continued with the import of:

• Electric Home Appliances

• Industrial Cleaning Machines

• And all kinds of powder and liquid detergent.

In 1985, the Saruhan Holding became the Turkey and nearby area general distributor of the German Fakir Hausgeräte and Nilco brands. This collaboration created the foundation for the first factory to be established a while later.

In 1996, Saruhan Holding established its own machine factory in Çorlu and started exporting its industrial cleaning machines manufactured with German engineers to the world.

The company made another investment in Çorlu in 1999 and opened the Saruhan Chemical Facilities. At those facilities, 25.000 tons of detergent main raw material Labsa, 55.000 tons of powder detergent, 60.000 tons of liquid detergent were manufactured annually with the purposes of both selling domestically and exporting to foreign countries. It became a stronger figure in terms of distribution when it established its domestic and foreign distributorship networks so as to sell what it manufactured.

In 2007, the Saruhan Deutschland Holding was founded in Germany. Within a short time, a strategic partnership agreement was made between the company that was established to develop Germany-based activities and Fakir Holding. Then, Saruhan Holding which achieved a full partnership structure with share purchases also laid the foundation for a solid partnership which manufactures with all the know-how of Fakir and Nilco who have the 80 year-old German technology knowledge in electric home appliances and continues its distribution to global markets together.

Saruhan Holding, which operates at a scale that improves day by day in the manufacturing field continues its activities in the construction field also. Saruhan Holding, which implements various projects that require expertise such as factory, plaza, residences…etc., continues to grow with sound steps in the construction sector too with the Ulus Savoy residences which were implemented in Etiler and which brought on a great deal of prestige; the Europe Residences Atakent 4 with 520 housings project and its on-going Güneşli Saruhan Plaza projects.

Saruhan Holding continues to grow with its ethical values that act with the mission of bringing what it earned from its country into its country and to share it with its country; that develop products which prioritize quality in international competition; that deliver its products with quality-oriented services; and that focus on human and environment in its investments.

Saruhan Holding, which makes the Turkish people proud with its the environment, consumer, design and innovation award as well as its brands in international competition is a national treasure for Turkey.

The performance and success that Saruhan Holding has obtained are also indicative of how big of a responsibility it is to bear from now on.

SARUHAN HOLDING, from 1947 to the Future...