The story of Kaave Roastery started in 2016 with Kaave, first Turkish coffee maker, manufactured by Fakir Hausgeräte which is one of locomotive brands in the body of Saruhan Holding. Traditional Turkish coffee which is an indispensable part of friendship, conversations and our culture percolated from superior Fakir technology into our cups while Kaave achieved great success within a short period of time and had lasting position in coffee market.

With inspiration from such achieved accomplishment, an opinion arose to open chain coffee stores under the roof of Saruhan Holding and it was resolved to perform necessary work and establish Kaave Roastery.

As first representative in Turkey of 5th generation coffee makers, we process at our own coffee roasting facilities top-quality coffee beans from various regions of the world with innovative technologies and offer to coffee lovers at our flamboyant concept stores.

At each one of our stores, we use advanced technology in order to offer coffees with standard characteristics and aroma to taste buds.

Regarding innovative technologies, we utilize R & D power of Fakir Hausgeräte, a pioneer electric household appliances brand.

Each coffee drunk having identical standards is a subject our brand meticulously dwells on. Accordingly, we brew our blends we create by using enology at standardized top level machines with innovative methods.

At coffee roasting areas located at our stores, our guests can create blend suitable for their own taste buds with any beans they wish with assistance from our baristas to create their signature coffees.

We target to advance with franchise store strategy, make collaborations in the channel of HORECA and open up to global markets.

We wish to bring our quality coffees with passionate coffee drinkers all over the world and become partners to their coffee enjoyment.