Chairman’s Message

Our group companies, adopting honesty as principle since 1979, are taking firm steps forward with the consciousness and the responsibility of becoming a brand.

They continue to be competitive by closely following the social, economic, financial and technological developments of the countries in which they operate internationally.

As before, we will continue to share the efficiency of our achievements that will keep on growing in the following years, with our employees, distributors, and esteemed customers, in accordance with the transparency, fairness, accountability and responsibility of basic corporate management approach that reassures the investors.

We will continue to increase our competitive strength through R&D studies, by following new technologies and by developing innovative, high-quality, environmentally-friendly products.Our primary goal will always be basing our competitiveness on a strong image by developing environmentally-friendly products that keeps up with innovations by their modern and technological design.

We will continue to provide added value to our economy with the new products we developed.

Saruhan Holding

Chairman of the Board